Surfing Vocabulary Word List (259)

A)Accomplishment, Advanced, Affect, Afloat, Agile, Aim, Air, Alarm, Alertness, Align, Allure, Altitude, Aluminum, Amateur, Appeal, Appropriate, Aquatic, Arch, Art, Ascend, Athlete, Attraction, Availability, Average, Awe
B)Balance, Beach, Beginner, Boast, Body board, Boost, Booties, Break, Breeze, Buddy, Build up, Buoyancy
C)California, Camaraderie. carbon-fiber, Carry, Catch, Champion, Check, Classic, Coach, Color, Compelling, Competition, Composite, Concave, Concentration, Conditions, Congregate, Construction, Consult, Contact, Contract, Core, Credit, Crest, Cross, Crowds, Cruise
D)Danger, Daredevil, Debut, Deck, Deform, Degree, Deliver, Descend, Design, Dip, Distinguish, Diverse, Drive, Drop, Drop-knee, Durability
E)Ease, Effect, Embed, Endeavor, Epoxy, Equipment, Expand, Experience, Experiment, Extra, Extreme
F)Factor, Fear, Feel, Fitness, Flexibility, Float, Foam, Focus, Fun, Function
G)Glare, Glass, Glitter, Glory, Gnarly, Graphite, Grueling
H)Hawaii, Height, High performance, High-tech, Hoist, Hollow, Honeycomb, Hove, Hurtle
I)Impact, Increase, Intermediate, Intrepid
J)Job, Joy, Judge, Judgment
K)Kevlar, Kick
L)Lay, Leisure, Level, Lie, Lightweight, Longboard
M)Maneuverability, Mavericks, Mesh, Middle, Morey, Motion
N)Narrow, Neoprene, Normal, Novice
O)Ocean, Optimal, Optimum, Ordinary, Outdoors, Outline
P)Paddle, Patent, Peak performance, Perseverance, Pipeline, Polypropylene, Popular, Position, Prevail, Professional, Prone, Pumped, Pursuit, Push
Q)Quality, Quest, Quick, Quintessential, Quotient
R)Range, Recommendation, Reef, Refinement, Reinforcement, Relationship, Replacement, Requirement, Rescue, Resin, Response, Retro, Ride, Rocker, Rod, Roil, Rolling
S)Safety, Sand, Scissor kick, Setback, Shape, Shell, Shore, Shortboard, Side bars, Smooth, Snap back, Solution, Speed, Split-second, Sport, Spray, Stomach, Strategy, Strength, Style, Summer, Sun, Sunscreen, Superior, Surf, Surface, Surfer, Surfer, Sweep, Swell, Swim
T)Tail, Tapered, Technology, Temperature, Testing, Thickness, Timing, Tradition, Transition, Turning
U)Ultimate, Ultraviolet ray, Unforgiving, Universal, Unpredictable
V)Vacation, Vee, Venerable, Vent, Venue, Versatile, Vibes, Visible, Vision, Volume, Vulnerable
W)Wade, Warnings, Water, Wave, Weather, Weigh, Weight, Wetsuit, Width, Winner, Wipe out
Y)Yearn, Yell, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zealous
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