Sports -Types Vocabulary Word List (153)

A)Acrobatics, Aerobics, Aikido, Archery, Arts and crafts, Auto cross, Auto racing, Auto rally
B)Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Beach volleyball, Biathlon, Bicycling, Billiards, Bobsledding, Bocce, Bowling, Boxing, Bull fighting
C)Calisthenics, Camping, Canoeing, Capture the flag, Card games, Cricket, Croquet, Cross country skiing, Curling, Cycling
D)Decathlon, Discus, Distant run, Diving, Dodge ball, Dog racing, Downhill skiing, Dressage
F)Fencing, Field and track, Field hockey, Figure skating, Fishing, Fitness walking, Flag football, Fly fishing, Football
G)Go-carting, Golf, Gymnastics
H)Half marathon, Hammer throw, Handball, Handball, Hang gliding, High jumping, Hiking, Hockey, Horse racing, Horseback riding, Horseshoes, Hunting, Hurling
I)Ice dancing, Ice hockey, Ice skating, Iditarod, In-line skating
J)Jacks, Javelin throw, Jet skiing, Jogging, Judo
K)Karate, Kayaking, Kick boxing
L)Lacrosse, Lawn bowling, Long jump, Luge
M)Mah-Jong. marathon, Martial arts, Motocross, Motorcycling, Mountain climbing
O)Olympics, Open water swimming
P)Poker, Pole vault, Polo, Pool, Power boating, Power lifting
R)Race walk, Racing, Racket ball, Relay, Road race, Rodeo circuit, Roller skating, Rowing, Rugby
S)Sailing, Shark diving, Shot put, Shuffleboard, Skateboarding, Skeet shooting, Skiing, Skin diving, Slalom, Sled-dog racing, Sledding, Snorkeling, Snowboarding, Snowmobiling, Soccer, Softball, Spinning, Squash, Stock-car racing, Sumo wrestling, Surfing, Swimming
T)Table tennis, Table tennis, Tae Kwon Do, Target shooting, Tennis, Tobogganing, Tournaments, Track, Track and field, Trail sled dog racing, Triathlon, Trivia contests
V)Vaulting, Volleyball, Volleyball
W)Water polo, Water skiing, Wave running, Weight training, Weightlifting, Wiffle ball, Wind surfing, Wrestling
X)Xtreme sports
Y)Yachting, Yoga
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The Armchair Sportsman
I do not know the baseball game,
I would not know a strike;
The infield and the outfield, both
To me are quite alike.

I have heard of football players
Lining up upon the field;
Of their stopping, charging, rushing,
Till the weaker had to yield.

Then there's hockey, running, rowing
Basket ball, and tennis, too;
And many other games and sports,
But with them I've naught to do.

I work from early morn till night,
I have had no time to play;
But still I live in hope that I
May play them all some day.

Yet if, alas! I cannot play,
There's one thing I can do
That gives me pleasure without end
And always something new.

In the odd moments of the day
I find some time to read,
And sporting tales of every kind
Supply my greatest need.

I am not of athletic build.
I do not know a game;
But I experience all the joys
And feel the thrills the same.
Author unknown

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