Spelunking and Caving Vocabulary Word List (128)

A)Alert, Anxiety, Appeal, Apprehension, Atmosphere, Attraction, Awe
B)Bats, Beauty, Biosphere, Boots, Bruise, Buddy, Bump
C)Candle, Canyon walk, Cave, Cavern, Ceiling, Challenge, Claustrophobia, Clay, Climb, Complex, Cool, Core, Courage, Crawl, Curiosity
D)Dank, Darkness, Degree, Deposits, Depth, Descent, Discovery, Dome, Dripping, Drop, Duck-walk
E)Earth, Ease, Eerie, Endurance, Essential, Exhilaration, Expectation, Explore
F)Facing fear, Filthy, Fit, Flashlight, Fungus
G)Geology, Gloves, Goggling, Guide
H)Half-way, Hard-to-reach, Helmet, Help, Hiking, Hole, Hours, Hurt
I)Icicle, Independent, Injury, Interest, Intrigue
K)Kneel, Knees
L)Lamps, Ledge, Light source, Limestone, Lug
M)Major, Map, Matches, Mental
N)Narrow, Nature, Neophyte, Netherworld, Notification
O)Observation, Obstruction, Oolites (cave pearls), Ooze, Opt
P)Park ranger, Passageway, Physical, Problem, Profusion, Protection, Pull, Push
Q)Quest, Quiet
R)Relax, Resource, Rest
S)Schedule, Slither, Stalactite, Stalagmite, Strength
T)Teamwork, Temperatures
U)Uncertainty, Undiscovered, Unexplored, Unforgiving, Unique, Unwise
V)Variety, Vital
W)Wander, Watch, Wedge, Wet, Wick, Wiggle
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