March Madness & Basketball Vocabulary Word List (301)

A)Ability, Accusation, Active, Advantage, Aggressive, Alternate, Announcement, Assist, Assistance, Athlete, Athletics, Attempt, Attendance, Attraction, Averages
B)Balance, Ball, Basketball, Battle, Benefit, Berth, Best, Body, Bones, Bounce, Breath, Breathe, Buzzer
C)Captivate, Cardiovascular, Center, Champion, Championship, Charisma, Clinch, Clutch, Coach, Collapse, Competition, Conditioning, Conference, Consecutive, Contract, Coordination, Courage, Critical, Crucial
D)Deadline, Defeat, Defend, Defense, Defensive, Deficit, Diet, Disease, Distraction, Divisional, Doctor, Dribble, Drive, Drop, Drugs, Dynamic
E)Elimination, Emphasize, Endurance, Energy, Errors, Exaltation, Exciting, Exemplary, Exemption, Exercise
F)Fan(s), Favorite, Finalist, Firepower, Fit, Flex, Force(s), Foul, Framework, Free throw, Fumble, Function
G)Games, Goal, Goodwill, Grip, Gymnasium
H)Hamstring, Happenstance, Health, Healthy, High-stakes, Hone, Hoops, Host, Hurt, Hygiene, Hygienic
I)Imagination, Individual, Infection, Injury, Interception, Interpretation, Invalidate
J)Jargon, Jerk, Judgment, Jump
K)Keep, Key, Kindred, Klutz
L)Leader, League, Legend, Lopsided, Lose, Losing, Loss, Lucky, Lumbar
M)Magic, Manager, Margin, Massage, Maximize, Measure, Medication, Memory, Metabolic, Minimize, Miss, Moisture, Monitor, Motivate, Motivation, Muscles
N)National, Nemesis, Normalcy
O)Offensive, Official, Opportunity, Opt, Optimism, Option, Outbreak, Outstanding
P)Panic, Participation, Penalties, Percentage, Performance, Period, Perspiration, Pessimism, Petrify, Physiotherapy, Pick, Player(s), Playoff spot, Points, Position(ing), Positive, Possession, Postseason, Potent, Power, Practice, Pressure, Prevention, Professional, Program, Promising, Protect, Protection, Public
Q)Quads, Quick, Quiver
R)Rank(ing), Rarity, Rebound, Recognition, Record, Recovery, Recruit, Regional, Regular, Regulation(s), Rehabilitation, Relax, Replace, Representative, Reserve, Resilient, Resistance, Restriction, Risk, Role, Routine, Rush, Rusty
S)Sanitary, Satisfaction, Save, Scare, Scheme, Scholarship, Score(s), Scoreboard, Scoring, Season, Sensible, Shape up, Shot, Shut-out, Size, Skid, Skill, Slump, Sole, Solo, Soreness, Speculation, Spirit, Sport(s), Sportsmanship, Squat, Stability, Stamina, Standing(s), Starter, Statistics, Strain, Strategy, Streak, Strength, Stretch(ing), Stride, Strong, Superstition, Support, Supremacy, Suspension, Symptoms
T)Team, Teammate, Technical, Terror, Test(ing), Therapeutic, Therapy, Three-pointer, Time, Timeout, Timing, Tone, Torso, Tournament, Trail, Trainer, Training, Transform(ation), Tremors, Trot, Turnover(s)
U)Unbelievable, Uniform, Unique, Unrestricted, Unusual
V)Valiant, Valor, Vibration, Victory, Violation, Votes
W)Waive, Warm up, Watchful, Weigh, Weights, Win, Wince, Winless, Winning, Wisdom, Work, Workout, Wrist
Y)Yelling, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zest, Zone
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