Ku Klux Klan Vocabulary Word List (225)

A)Absolute, Abuse, Act, Actions, Aim, Allegation, Allies, Animosity, Anonymous, Arms, Arrests, Assassination, Assault, Atrocity, Attacker, Attention, Attitude, Authority, Awful
B)Beatings, Behavior, Behead, Betray, Blacks, Brazen, Bully, Burning
C)Camouflage, Captive, Carpetbagger, Chaotic, Charges, Civil rights, Clandestine, Commit, Compel, Condescending, Confiscate, Conspiracy, Crimes, Crisis, Crosses
D)Damage, Dead, Death, Debilitating, Deceit, Decimate, Deem, Defense, Demonstration, Den, Denial, Destroy. flaw, Die, Differences, Disadvantage, Disaster, Disband, Discrimination, Disgrace, Disguise, Disgusting, Disillusion, Disjointed, Dismay, Dissolve, Distasteful, Disturb, Dramatic, Draped
E)Episode, Experience, Extremist
F)Failure, Fear, Federal, Ferment, Fire, Flare up, Flogging, Force, Force Bills, Free, Frighten, Frightened
G)Gathering, Goal, Government, Grab, Grand cyclops, Grand dragon, Grand titan, Group, Guard, Guilty
H)Hate crime, Hateful, Hatred, Hats, Helpless, Hidden, History, Horrific, Horror, Hostile
I)Illegal, Impact, Incite, Indifference, Informant, Inhumane, Injury, Injustice, Intrigue, Investigate, Invisible Empire of the South, Issue
J)Join, Judicial, Jurisdiction, Justification
K)Keen, Kidnap, Killing, Killing, Knights of the Great Forest, Ku Klux Klan Pulaski
L)Lawsuit, Liar, Lynch
M)Masks, Members, Mistrust
N)Name, National, Neighborhood, Night
O)Objective, Obscenity, Observe, Organization, Organize, Outbreak, Outcry, Outlaw, Overpower, Overrun
P)Pain, Pessimism, Pledge, Plot, Police, Power, Powerful, Prejudice, Prevent, Prevention, Prey, Province
Q)Quail, Quake, Quell
R)Racial, Racist, Radicals, Rampage, Realm, Reconstruction, Recruit, Regret, Report, Require, Ride, Right, Rights, Ritual
S)Sacrifice, Scalawag, Scare, Secrecy, Segregate, Segregation, Shatter, Sheets, Shoot-out, Southerners, SPLC, Spread, Stereotype, Strength, Struggle, Suing, Suppress, Supremacist, Symbol
T)Tactic, Tension, Terrify, Terror, Terrorize, Threaten, TN, Tone, Torture, Trigger
U)Unwilling, Uproar
V)Vandalize, Verdict, Victim, View, Violence, Violent, Visible, Visible, Vocalize
W)Warning, Witness, Wizard, Worry, Wrongs
Z)Zeal, Zealot
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Some Ku Klux Klan organizations:
Brotherhood of Klans
Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
Supreme White Alliance
United Klans
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