Hummingbirds Vocabulary Word List (142)

A)Aggressive, Agility, Allure, Alone, Andes, Attract
B)Battle, Beat, Beautiful, Beauty, Bee hummingbird, Beige, Belly, Bills, Bird, Blend, Body, Branch, Bright, Bronze
C)Calliope hummingbird, Color, Crown, Crowned Woodnymph
D)Dainty, Dangle, Dart. track, Deep-throated, Diluted, Dip, Disappear, Display, Dive, Diverse, Downward, Drank, Drink
E)Eggs, Emerald, Energetic, Evade, Evasion, Explosive
F)Family, Fast, Feathered, Feeder, Feeding, Female, Fiery Topaz, Fighting, Fill, Flap, Flatter, Flicker, Flies, Flight, Flower, Fluffed, Flutter, Flying, Food, Forests, Forward
G)Garden, Giant hummer, Glitter, Gorgeted Woodstar, Green
H)Habits, Hang, Honeysuckle, Hover, Hover, Hues, Hummers, Hummingbird, Hungry, Hurry, Hyperactive
I)Identifiable, Inches, Insects, Iridescent
L)Landing, Limb
M)Male, Migration
N)Native, Nature, Nectar, Nest
O)Outdoors, Outside
P)Patch, Perch, Photographs, Pink, Population, Puffleg
Q)Quest, Quick, Quiet
R)Rapid, Region, Remarkable, Ruby red
S)Shining Sunbeam, Showy, Size, Skittish, Small, Sound, Southwestern, Species, Speed, Sucking, Sugar, Sugar-water, Suspended, Swift, Swoop, Syrup
T)Territorial, Throat, Tiny, Tongue, Type
V)Variety, Various, Vibrant
W)Western Hemisphere, Wings, World
Z)Zigzag, Zoologist
Hummingbirds, especially males, can be very territorial around feeders. When food is not plentiful, they do not like to share and will come after other hummingbirds who want to feed.
The females are very protective of their nests. To reach nectar, both birds like the red and rosy colors of fuchsia, salvia and gooseberry, for example.
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