Human trafficking Vocabulary Word List (235)

A)Abduction, Abscond, Abuse, Activity, Agents, Alien, Apprehension, Arrest, Assassination, Asylum, Attack, Authorize
B)Ballistics, Bankroll, Beatings, Blind eye, Bloodshed, Bodies, Boys, Branding, Brutality, Bury, Buying
C)Captive, Captor, Case, Cells, Chase, Chattel, Child Protection Services, Children, Claim, Clandestine, Commodity, Contact, Continent, Corruption, Courts, Covert, Coyotes, Crime, Criminal, Cruel, Cruelty, Custom
D)Danger, Deception, Dehumanize, Demoralize, Deprivation, Despair, Dicey, Die, Dignity, Disease, Dispose of, Disrespect, Drugged
E)Emotional, Enforce, Escape, Evidence, Excruciating, Exploit, Extradition, Extreme
F)Falsehood, FBI, Fear, Feds, Feign, Females, Fibbies, Fierce, Fighting, Filth, Force, Foreign, Fright
G)Gang-banger, Globe, Goon, Government, GPS chip, Graves, Guns
H)Hatred, Haunted, Help, Hopeless, Human, Hunt, Hurt
I)Identification, Illegal, Immigration, Implant, Important, Imprison, Inhumane, Injury, Injustice, Innocent, Inroads, Intel, International, Invade, Invasion, Inventory
J)Jeopardy, Journey, Jurisdiction, Justice
K)Kidnap, Killing
L)Law, Law enforcement, Legal, Leverage, Links, Loathing, Lucrative, Lure
M)Manipulation, Mayhem, Merchandise, Minors, Misery, Mission, Money, Monsters, Mortal, Multidimensional, Multitude, Murder
N)National, Neglect, Nightmare, Nubile, Numbers
O)Operation, Operative, Orchestrate, Ordeal, Organize, Outrage, Overwhelm
P)Pain, Perversion, Player, Predator, Problem, Profit, Promises, Property, Prosecution, Prostitution, Protection, Punishment
Q)Quantity, Quell, Questions, Quit
R)Recruit, Reek, Revelation, Right, Rights, Risk, Rivalry, Ruckus, Ruin, Runaways, Ruthless
S)Safety, Savvy, Scene, Screams, Scum bag, Secret, Selling, Sex, Sex slave, Shipment, Ships, Situation, Smuggle, Solution, Sorrow, Staggering, Stakeout, Stakeout, Statistics, Stealth, Stop, Suffering
T)Target, Tats, Tattoo, Tears, Temperature, Threat, Threatening, Thug, Thwart, Track, Trade, Tragedy, Transaction, Trauma, Treatment, Trial, Trouble, Troublesome, Trucks
U)Underground, Unit, Urgent
V)Vendetta, Vicious, Victim, Vigilance, Vigilante, Vital, Volume
W)Warrant, Weakness, White-collar crime, Woman, Women, Wounds
Y)Young, Youth
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