Goldenseal Vocabulary Word List (126)

A)Absorption, Action, Adverse, Affect, Alkaloid, Alternative, Anti-inflammatory, Astringent
B)Benefits, Berberine, Berry, Bitter, Black market, Blend, Body, Boost, Buttercup
C)Canada, Caution, CITES, Coloring agent, Commercial, Concerns, Constituents, Cramps, Cultivation
D)Depression, Digestion, Distinguished, Domestic, Dosage, Drug
E)Effect, Effectiveness, Efficacy, Endangered status, Environment, Evidence, Eye balm
F)Flora, Folk, Formulation
G)Gold siegel, Ground raspberry
H)Habitat, Health, Herb, Herbaceous, Herbalist, Hydrastine, Hydrastis
I)Illicit drug, Illness, Imperiled, Indian dye, Inhibit, Intake, Interactions, International
L)Laxative, Leaves, Legal, Location
M)Market, Medical, Medicine, Mountains, Mucosa
N)National Park Service, Native, Native Americans, Northeastern United States
O)Oral, Orangeroot, Organic, Over harvest
P)Palmate, Perennial, Pharmacology, Pick, Plant, Plenty, Popularity, Powder, Practice, Product, Propagation, Properties, Puccoon
Q)Quality, Quantity, Quest
R)Reaction, Remedy, Replacement, Research, Rhizome, Risk, Rootstock
S)Safety, Salve, Seeds, Sick, Side effects, Skin, Southern United States, Stimulant, Stock, Summer
T)Tablet, Task force, Thick, Tincture, Top-selling, Topical, Toxicity, Traditional, Transplanting, Treatment
U)US Fish and Wildlife Service, Usage, Use
W)Wholesale, Wildlife
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