Force & Gravity Vocabulary Word List (134)

A)Accelerate, Actuate, Acute, Aerodynamic, Affect, Answer, Application, Apply, Assessment, Attraction, Aviation, Axis
B)Balance, Buoyancy
C)Cause, Centrifugal, Charge, Collapse, Conditions, Constant, Convert, Create, Cycle
D)Definitive, Design, Direction, Discovery, Distance, Drag, Dynamic
E)Effect, Efficiency, Electricity, Energy, Engineer, Equilibrium, Examination, Expansion, Experiment, Explore, Extrude
F)Flight, Force, Friction
G)G-force, Generate, Govern, Gravity, Guide
I)Impact, Impel, Impetus, Inertia, Informative, Innovate, Inquiry, Investigation, Invisible, Irradiate, Isaac Newton
L)Law, Lift, Loft
M)Magnetism, Magnitude, Mechanics, Momentum, Motion, Movement
N)Natural, Negative, Newton
O)Object, Observation, Orbit, Overcome
P)Phenomenon, Physics, Positive, Practice, Pressure, Principle, Projectile, Properties, Propulsion, Pull
Q)Quandary, Quantity, Quantum, Quark, Query, Quest, Quotient
R)Radioactivity, Ratio, Research, Revolution, Robotic, Rotation
S)Scientific, Scientist, Segment, Solar, Space, Speed, Spin, Suction, System
T)Technology, Tectonic force, Temperature, Thrust, Torque, Twist
U)Uncertainty, Unique, Universal, Universe, Use
V)Vector, Vehicle, Visible, Vital, Voltage, Volume
W)Weight, Weightlessness, Witness, Wrest
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Force & Gravity Lesson Plan and Discussion Questions
1. Explain why objects balance, fall, float, push, pull, skid, slip, spin or stop.
2. Give examples that illustrate how physics are at work in daily lives.
3. How can science be based on uncertainty?
4. Explain why roller coasters are often used as an example of physics (Hint: include energy, gravity, acceleration)
5. What is meant by the term "scientific investigation?" offers more than 405 word lists. To see more word lists about other subjects, please go to the home page at for interactive word games, worksheets, word puzzles and themed content. 2500 pages of free content at are available only online. There are absolutely no fees.