Fashion Vocabulary Word List (441)

A)Accessory, Accolade, Adjustment, Adopt, Advance, Advertising, Affect, Affectation, Allure, Alteration, Antique, Apparel, Appeal, Applaud, Applique, Appraise, Array, Artificial, Artistry, Attire, Attract, Attractive, Audience, Availability, Avid, Award
B)Backdrop, Ballet-length, Bargain, Basic blank, Batik, Beading, Beautiful, Becoming, Bias-cut, Blend, Blusher, Bodice, Bold, Boutique, Braiding, Brand, Breathable, Brocade, Budget, Bulky, Buttons
C)Cachet, Camera, Career, Casual, Catwalk, Celebrities, Cheap, Chemise, Chic, Choices, Classic, Client, Clothes, Clothing, Collection, Collector, Color, Color-blocked, Combination, Comfortable, Commercial, Competition, Complexion, Condition, Conformity, Conservation, Conservative, Construction, Consumer, Contemporary, Cosmetics, Costly, Couture, Cowl neck, Craftsmanship, Creative, Crimp, Current, Cut
D)Daring, Darn, Dated, Dealer, Decolte, Decorative, Delivery, Demand, Department, Design, Designer, Desirable, Device, Devise, Devotee, Diet, Different, Dimension, Direction, Display, Distinctive, Dominate, Dramatic, Dresses, Dressing, Dressy, Dye, Dynamic
E)Earnings, Ease, Easy, Ecru, Edge, Effect, Effective, Elaborate, Elegance, Embellish, Embroidery, Emphasis, Enhance, Ensemble, Enthusiastic, Enticing, Eponymous, Especially, Etiquette, Evening gown, Exclusive, Expensive, Experiment, Extensions, Extraordinary, Extreme
F)Fabric, Fad, Fame, Fashion, Fashionable, Favored, Feature, Fiber, Financial, Finery, Fit, Flair, Flamboyant, Flattering, Flawless, Flow, Focus, Folded, Form, Formal, Foulard, Fragrance, Frequently, Fringe, Frivolous, Frock, Frog, Frumpy, Function, Futuristic
G)Garment, Genius, Gild, Glamor, Glitter, Glossy, Goods, Gown, Grace, Grooming, Grunge, Guide, Guru
H)Hair, Hand-made, Handbag, Handwork, Hanger, Haute-couture, High heels, High-quality, High-style, Hippie, Horizontal, Hue
I)Ideal, Ideas, Identity, Illustration, Image, Imaginative, Immediate, Impeccable, Imprint, Independent, Indicator, Indispensable, Industry, Inexpensive, Influence, Innovate, Inset, Inspection, Inspiration, Intricate, Item
J)Jacket, Jeans, Jersey, Jewelry
K)Knee-length, Knickers, Knit
L)Label, Lace, Lenses, Leotard, Limited, Line, Lingerie, Lining, Lip gloss, Long-lasting, Look, Lovely, Luxurious, Luxury
M)Macrame, Mainstream, Make-up, Mannequin, Manufacture, Mascara, Matronly, Maven, Maxi, Measurement, Midriff, Minaudiere, Mini, Minimalist, Mode, Model, Modern, Modest, Modification, Modish, Money, Motif, Movement
N)Necessity, Neckline, Niche, Noteworthy
O)Old-fashioned, Omnipresent, One-of-a-kind, Original, Ornamentation, Ostentatious, Outfit, Outlet, Outrageous, Oversize
P)Padding, Palette, Paparazzi, Parasol, Passe, Pastel, Pattern, Phenomenon, Photographer, Photography, Piece, Piping, Pleated, Plumage, Ply, Poise, Popular, Pose, Possibilities, Posture, Practical, Precise, Prediction, Preference, Pret-a-porter, Pretty, Price, Print, Prize, Production, Prominent, Proportion, Provenance, Purchase
Q)Quality, Quantity
R)Radical, Rag, Ready-made, Recognition, Replacement, Replicate, Represent, Requests, Resistance, Restoration, Retailer, Revealing, Review, Ribbons, Risk-taker, Rivalry, Roll, Ruffles, Runway
S)Salon, Sarong, Savvy, Screened, Seamless, Seamstress, Sequin, Sessions, Sewing, Shade, Shape, Shawl, Sheer, Showcase, Showroom, Showy, Shrinkage, Signature, Simple, Skillful, Sleeveless, Smile, Society, Soft, Sophisticated, Spats, Special, Sportswear, Staff, Stain, Stain-resistant, Star, Stitching, Stock, Stretching, Stride, Strut, Studio, Style, Stylish, Stylists, Substitute, Subtle, Sun-dress, Swim-wear, Synthetic
T)Tailor, Tailored, Talent, Tapestry, Tassel, Tasteful, Tatting, Technique, Teeth, Textile, Texture, Tie-dye, Tiered, Tones, Touch, Trade, Traditional, Training, Trendy, Trim, Triumph, Tuft, Tunic, Turban, Twill, Types, Typify
U)Ubiquitous, Understated, Unique, Unlimited, Unsuitable, Upscale, Urban, Use
V)Valuable, Value, Variety, Veil, Version, Vintage, Visual, Vogue
W)Waistline, Wale, Walk, Wardrobe, Washable, Wearable, Wearing, Weave, Well-made, Western, Wholesale, Widely, Widespread, Workshop, Worthy, Woven, Wrinkle
Y)Yoke, Young, Youthful
Z)Zeal, Zipper
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Fashion types of materials:
brocade, burlap, chenille, chiffon, cotton, crepe, damask, denim, fur, gabardine, gauze, gingham, knit, organza, patent-leather, percale, poplin, satin, serge, silk, taffeta, tricot, tweed, velvet, wool

Established European designer labels include Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Dior, Proenza Schouler, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent
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