December holidays Vocabulary Word List (341)

A)Adeste Fideles, Advent, Angel, Appreciation, Aroma, Artificial tree, Assemble, Awe
B)Baking, Balsam, Beauty, Bells, Belonging, Bethlehem, Birth, Blessings, Blitzen, Boughs, Bows, Boxes, Boxing Day, Buche de Noel
C)Camels, Candles, Candy canes, Cards, Caring, Caroler, Carols, Carve, Catalyst, Celebrate, Celebration, Ceremony, Charity, Childhood, Chimney, Chocolate, Christian, Christmas, Christmas cookies, Christmas Eve, Christmas past/future, Church, Cloves, Coal, Comet, Comfort, Community, Companionship, Cooking, Cornucopia, Cranberries, Creche, Crowds
D)Dancer, Dancing, Dasher, December, Decoration(s), Dolls, Donations, Donner, Dreidel
E)Ebenezer Scrooge, Efforts, Eggnog, Elves, Embrace, Emmanuel, Entertain, Entertainment, Epiphany, Eve, Evergreens, Exchange, Expectations
F)Faith, Familiar, Family, Father Christmas, Feast, Fervor, Festival, Festive, Fireplace, Flatbread, Forgiveness, Frankincense, Freedom, Friends, Friendship, Frosty the Snowman, Fruitcake
G)Garland, Gather(ings), Generations, Ghost of Christmas past, Gifts, Gingerbread, Giving, Gold, Goodwill, Goose, Gourmet, Grace, Gratitude, Gravy, Greens, Greetings, Grinch, Groups, Guests
H)Ham, Hanukkah, Hard sauce, Harmony, Harvest, Heart, Heartland, Heavenly, Heritage, Holding hands, Holiday, Holly, Holy, Home, Homeward, Hope, Host, Hugs, Humility, Hymns
I)Icicles, Illumination, Infant, Inn, Innocence, Invitations, Ivy
J)Jack Frost, Jack-in-the-box, Jesus Christ, Jingle bells, Jolly, Journey, Joy, Joyful
K)Karamu, Keepsakes, Kibbe (Lebanese dish of cracked wheat, Kin, Kinara, King Wenceslas, Kisses, Kris Kringle, Kwanzaa
L)Laughter, Lighting, Lights, Lists, Little Drummer Boy, Love
M)Magi, Mail, Majesty, Manger, Meat and spices), Memories, Menorah, Merry, Midnight, Mincemeat, Minister, Miracle, Miraculous, Mistletoe, Mittens, Mosque, Mrs. Claus (Jessica), Music, Music box, Myrrh, Myths
N)Nativity, Network, Nocturnal, Noel, North Pole, Nostalgia, Nutcrackers, Nutmeg, Nuts
O)Observance, Occasion, Offerings, Ornament, Oven
P)Packages, Pageant, Pageantry, Parade, Partridge, Party, Patriotism, Peace, Pies, Pixie, Plum pudding, Poinsettia, Popcorn string, Prancer, Prayer, Presents, Pride, Priest, Priorities, Proclaim, Program, Pumpkin pie, Punch, Purity
Q)Quality, Quantity, Quince pie
R)Rabbi, Ramadan, Receiving, Reconciliation, Reflection, Refuge, Reindeer, Rejoice, Relationship(s), Relatives, Religion, Religious, Reminiscence, Resolutions, Reunions, Reverence, Ribbons, Ritual, Rooftop, Roots, Rudolph
S)Sack, Sacred, Saint Nicholas, Sanctuary, Santa Claus, Sauce, Savior, Scents, Scrooge, Scrumptious, Season, Secular, Services, Sharing, Shepherd, Shopping, Silver bells, Sled, Sleigh, Sleigh bells, Snow, Snowman, Songs, Spices, Spirit, Stable, Stand, Star, Star of David, Stocking stuffer, Stockings, Stress, Stuffing, Sugar plums, Sundown, Sustenance, Symbol(ism), Synagogue
T)Teddy bear, Temple, Tenderness, Thankful, Thanks, The Nutcracker Ballet, Three Kings Day, Tidings, Tinkling, Tinsel, Tiny Tim, Toboggan, Tolerance, Toys, Tradition(s), Train, Tranquility, Travel, Tree, Trimmings, Trips, Trust, Tug, Turkey, Twinkling, Typical
U)Understanding, Unify, Universal, Unwrap
V)Vacation, Vacations, Values, Vanilla, Vixen, Volunteer(s)
W)Walnuts, Wassail, Wenceslas, Whimsy, Winter, Wise Men, Wishes, Wonder, Wonderland, Workshop, Worship, Worshiper, Wrapping, Wreath
Y)Yorkshire pudding, Youth, Yule log, Yuletide
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