Badminton Vocabulary Word List (247)

A)Ability, Accomplishment, Aces, Action, Activity, Against, Aggressive, Agility, Alert, Alleys, Amateur, Approbation, Athlete, Attention, Attitude, Audience, Award, Awesome
B)Back-to-back, Badminton, Balance, Beat, Beaten, Bird, Boundary, Break, Broadcast, Brutal
C)Capable, Career, Celebration, Challenge, Champion, Chances, Charisma, Cheering, Coach, Commitment, Communication, Competition, Conditioning, Confidence, Confront, Consecutive, Consistent, Control, Court, Crowds, Crushed, Culminate
D)Debut, Defeat, Determination, Direct, Disappointment, Discipline, Dominate, Doubles, Doubts, Drills, Drive, Dynamic
E)Effective, Electrifying, Eligible, Encouragement, Endure, Energy, England, Enjoyment, Enthusiasm, Enthusiast, Esteem, Euphoric, Event, Execute, Exercise, Exhaustion, Exhibition, Expectation, Expense, Experience, Exposure
F)Fail, Fault, Favorite, Female, Finals, Fit, Form, Fortitude, Fun
G)Game, Guidance
H)Habits, Hard Work, Healthy, Hobby, Hollering, Hype
I)Impact, Impartial, Improvement, Individuals, Indoors, Innumerable, Inspiration, Instill, Instruction, Instructor, Intense, International, Interviews
J)Joy, Jubilation, Judge, Judgment, Juniors
L)Leisure, Lessons, Level, Limitations, Line, Lively play, Lob, Loss
M)Major, Male, Manager, Maneuvers, Match, Maximize, Memorable, Minor, Momentum, Monitor, Motivate, Movement, Muscles
N)Nemesis, Net, Notice, Numbers
O)Objective, Observe, Officials, Opponent, Opportunities, Organization, Outstanding, Ovation
P)Participant, Participation, Partner, Passion, Peak, Performance, Perseverance, Persistence, Play, Players, Points, Popularity, Practice, Praises, Pressure, Prevent, Professional, Progress, Punctual
Q)Qualify, Quality, Quest, Quick
R)Racket, Rally, Ranking, Readiness, Reasonable, Recognition, Record, Relentless, Resilient, Rival, Rivalry, Rules
S)Savvy, Score, Serve, Shot, Shuttlecocks, Singles, Skill, Smash, Spectators, Speed, Split-second, Sport, Sportsmanship, Stamina, Star, Statistics, Strategy, Streak, Strength, Stroke, Style
T)Talent, Teenagers, Tenacious, Tie, Time, Title, Top, Top-seed, Tournament, Training, Travel, Triumph, Trust
U)Uncertainty, Underhand, Unique, Unusual, Urgency, Usual
V)Variation, Variety, Varsity, Victory, Vigilant, Visible, Visual, Volley
W)Warm up, Watching, Winner, Winning, Workout, Worthy
Y)Yearn, Yells, Youth
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Sports and games word list:
A: acrobatics, aikido, archery, auto racing, auto cross
B: badminton, baseball, basketball, biathlon, bicycling, bobsledding, bowling, boxing
C: calisthenics, canoeing, card games, cricket, croquet, cross country skiing, curling
D: decathlon, discus, diving, dog racing, dressage
E: equitation
F: fencing, field hockey, figure skating, fishing, football
G: go-carting, golf
H: hammer throw, hang gliding, high jumping, hockey, horseback riding, horseshoes, hunting, hurling
I: ice dancing, ice hockey
J: jacks, jai alai, javelin throw, judo
K: karate, kayaking
L: lacrosse, luge
M: Mah-Jongg. marathon, motocross
P: poker, pole vault
R: racing, racquet ball, rugby
S: shark diving, skateboarding, skeet shooting, skiing, slalom, sled-dog racing, sledding, snowboarding, soccer, spinning, stock-car racing, swimming, sumo wrestling, surfing
T: tae kwon do, tennis, tobogganing, track, track and field
V: vaulting, volleyball
W: water skiing, weightlifting, wrestling
X: Xtreme sports
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