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    The Diary of Anne Frank Definition Match --

    Directions: Study the The Diary of Anne Frank word list. Use the pull down Select bar to choose the correct letter for The Diary of Anne Frank Definition Match word activity. When you hit Submit, you will get back the correct answers, the percentage score, a comment and a sentence.
    Clue: The Diary of Anne Frank word list includes 18 vocabulary words in this Definition Match worksheet activity. See additional vocabulary words on the Word List menu bar or the Word List blue quadrant on the home page at Either one includes 155 Recommended Reading books.
    In addition to The Diary of Anne Frank Definition Match worksheet, also features an Interactive Puzzle, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Word Search, Crossword, Reading Passage and True or False with these same 18 words.
    You have permission from to make a hard copy for further vocabulary study at home or in classes for The Diary of Anne Frank.
    Word List
    3) PIQUE
    6) SATCHEL
    7) BARRAGE
    9) VILE
    10) RUCKSACK
    12) QUELL
    15) SABOTEUR
    17) VERMIN
    Definition List
    A)  to cause a rapid or concentrated delivery or outpouring (verb); a barrier of continuous artillery or machine-gun fire (noun)
    B)  showing a lack of proper thought or care; lightheartedly and gaily carefree; heedlessly (adv.)
    C)  strong-scented herb related to daisies with flower heads that have a bitter medicinal flavor often used in tea (noun)
    D)  a woman hired to do household work; a cleaning woman in a large building, hired to clean houses or office buildings (noun, British)
    E)  trying to win attention or admiration of men without serious feelings: flirty (adj.)
    F)  continuing without interruption with varying intensity: unceasing (adj.)
    G)  a rapid and strong beat: a throb or a quiver (noun)
    H)  ostentatiously using petty details to show one's knowledge; academic (adj.)
    I)  unsettled by uncertainty, disappointment or danger; agitated or disquieted (adj.)
    J)  offense taken by a slight; a fit of resentment (noun)
    K)  a taking away or stopping of something needed or wanted (noun)
    L)  to put down or depress; to pacify (verb)
    M)  knapsack or backpack (German noun)
    N)  a person who carries out destructive or obstructive action as an enemy agent or sympathizer to hinder a nation's war or defense efforts; someone who commits destruction of property or hinders manufacture by discontented workers (noun)
    O)  a small bag for carrying clothes or books (noun)
    P)  exceeding what is sufficient or necessary: extra (adj.)
    Q)  common, harmful or objectionable small animals that are difficult to control (noun)
    R)  of little worth or account; morally base: wicked, contemptible, despicable; physically repulsive (adj.)