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    Food and Ice Cream Definition Match --

    Directions: Food and Ice Cream DEFINITION MATCH: Use the pull down menu bar to match the Food and Ice Cream word list with its definition.
    When you hit Submit, you will get back the correct definition match answers, percentage score for correct answers and a sentence.
    Clue: In addition to this Definition Match, also provides an interactive word puzzle and Fill-in-the-Blank word game.

    You have permission to print Food and Ice Cream word puzzles for more vocabulary word study at home or in classes.
    Word List
    1) LACTOSE
    2) CALORIE
    3) PARFAIT
    4) GELATO
    9) DEVOUR
    10) SUNDAE
    11) SHERBET
    12) PREMIUM
    Definition List
    A)  A desire to eat; an instinctive longing to satisfy organic life or craving; a taste or preference for something (noun)
    B)  Measurement of heat provided by a value of foods in the production of heat and energy (noun)
    C)  A sweet preparation such as candy, ice cream, cake and preserves (noun)
    D)  To swallow or eat greedily; to consume, absorb or engross avidly (verb)
    E)  A rich-flavored Italian-style ice cream that is very smooth and soft and made with eggs (noun)
    F)  A feeling of discomfort after eating as in nausea, heartburn or bloating; dyspepsia (noun)
    G)  Something that enters as an element or compound into a mixture (noun)
    H)  A simple carbohydrate milk sugar naturally occurring in foods like ice cream (noun)
    I)  A dessert of layered ice cream with fruit or syrup, served in a tall glass (noun)
    J)  Of exceptional quality or great value; of a higher price, cost or grade (adjective)
    K)  A frozen dessert made of fruit juice, sugar, milk and egg whites (noun)
    L)  A dish of ice cream topped with syrup, nuts, whipped cream etc. (noun) SUNDAE