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    Baseball Definition Match --

    Directions: The BASEBALL definition match contains numbers in the left hand column with vocabulary definitions of 14 words in letters "A to N" in the right hand column. Use the pull down menu bar to choose the correct letter match.
    When you hit "Submit", you will get back the BASEBALL definition match correct answers and the percentage score for those correct answers.
    Clue: This BASEBALL word list comes from vocabulary activities. In addition to this BASEBALL Definition Match, also features a free Interactive Word Puzzle, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Word Search, Crossword, Synonym or Antonym and True or False activity with this Baseball word list of 14 vocabulary words.
    You have permission from to make a hard copy of the Baseball definition match for more vocabulary study at home or in classes.
    Word List
    1) trounce
    2) coordination
    3) surrender
    4) applaud
    5) stadium
    6) demolish
    7) concede
    8) acceleration
    9) stretch
    10) failure
    11) overcome
    12) velocity
    13) umpire
    14) concessionaire
    Definition List
    A)  Increase in speed; act of causing faster progression or advancement (noun)
    B)  To clap hands together in an expression of approval or appreciation (verb)
    C)  To acknowledge an opponent\'s victory, score, etc. before it is officially recognized (verb)
    D)  Owner, operator or holder of a space within certain premises for a subsidiary business or service (noun)
    E)  Harmonious combination, interaction or working together, as a function or parts (noun)
    F)  Speed; rapidity of action, motion or operation; swiftness (noun)
    G)  To put an end to; to destroy; to finish (verb)
    H)  Lack of success; an act or instance that proves to be unsuccessful (verb)
    I)  To get the better of in a struggle or conflict (verb)
    J)  A sports arena, usually oval or horseshoe-shaped, with tiers of seats for spectators (noun)
    K)  To extend to the limits; to draw tight or taut; to spread out fully (verb)
    L)  To relinquish possession or control to another on demand or under duress (verb)
    M)  To beat severely; to thrash; to defeat decisively (verb)
    N)  A judge selected to rule on the plays, settle disputes and arbitrate in a game (noun)